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Flood Basin

Fletcher Moss Park is part of the Environment Agency Flood Basin which also includes Withington Golf Course and Sale Water Park. It is in place to protect homes, tram lines and a canal. Should heavy rain upriver and a subsequent rise in the River Mersey threaten these places a sluice gate is opened to prevent water overflowing and flooding these sites. So far this Autumn and Winter there have been two alerts but the water level has receded. During such alerts gates are closed to prevent people entering the flood basin. However, the pedestrian gate at the car park and Wilmslow Road gates are open to access a route which is above the flood line and for visiting the cafe. The Officers of The Friends are in close contact with the Environment Agency and Manchester City Council to discuss warnings to the public and arrangements for clearing up post flood. The photo shows the level of the river on 21st October 2023.