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Volunteers have a range of reasons for supporting both The Parsonage and Fletcher Moss Park. Many are local and want to give a little back to their community; some just love the Friends and the talents and interests of those in the group; others come along to share or develop their skills or knowledge in plants, some to learn about plant life. And then there are those who just enjoy the benefits of being out in the fresh air and keeping fit! There is a huge amount of research that shows group gardening is great for physical and mental health. So if you’re feeling a bit low just turn up!

Our volunteering activities are all self-directed. Volunteers participate in activities in which they are interested and comfortable. Those who want to learn new skills can find one of the Friends to work with.  Volunteers are asked to come appropriately dressed for gardening work – sturdy shoes, clothes and gloves which are essential, sun-block (sometimes!), and insect repellent (again sometimes). All tools and equipment are provided. If you would like to help, please come along any Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon; if you want to know more about volunteering at either The Parsonage Gardens or Fletcher Moss Park, please e-mail us using

As you would expect these days, all volunteering activities are subject to health and safety regulation. All volunteers are given ‘advice notes’ which have been drawn up following risk assessments of the activities within both locations. For your safety, there is always a trained first-aider in the group and a first-aid kit available.

Volunteering at the Parsonage Gardens

The Gardens, sometimes described by colleagues in the City Council’s Parks Department as ‘the jewel in the crown’, is almost totally maintained by volunteers who meet each Tuesday morning. We keep the gardens looking their best all year round: planting, pruning, propagating, tidying, weeding, working in the Alpine House (our pride and joy), and maintaining the paths.  As a result of the care and commitment of the Friends and volunteers, the Gardens have won a number of Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and other awards in recent years, and it is always rewarding to have the positive comments of visitors.

Volunteers meet every Tuesday from around 9.30am at the Alpine House. All inputs are welcome, whether it is for a two or three hour session or just for a short time – whatever suits your interests and abilities. Refreshments and a good chat, often making new friends, are always part of the morning and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Volunteering at Fletcher Moss Park

Volunteering in Fletcher Moss Park, a much larger area of both natural parkland and managed areas, takes place every Wednesday afternoon, starting at 1.00pm and meeting at the Visitor Centre in The Croft, off Millgate Lane. Once again there is a range of activities on offer, sometimes on a larger scale, to suit the needs of the Park, and especially the long-established Alpine Garden/Rockery, and the interests and abilities of volunteers; and there are always free drinks and cake or biscuits and good conversation to sustain you!