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Farewell to Dr Seuss

Fletcher Moss lost its signature giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum pendulum) in January 2024. It had been dead for at least two years, but was finally felled in the clear-up after this winter’s storm damage. Its eccentric shape towering over the Rockery made it a favourite with many regular visitors to the park, who have recently lamented its loss. Among the affectionate names they had for it were Dinosaur tree, Curly Whirlybird Tree, Wizard Tree, Elephant Tree and Dr Seuss.

The tree was already around 15-20 years old when it was planted in the Rockery in the 1970s, so we think it was in its 70s when it died. In the early 2000s it began to lean at a more acute angle, and there were concerns for its health. The possible causes of its death include regular flooding in recent years, and the fact that it was growing on quite a slope, starving the upper roots of nutrients that washed down the hill.

We would welcome your memories and pictures of the tree, sent to headed ‘giant redwood’.